Monday, November 10, 2008

Xanax would make it ALL go-away....

I had another one of THOSE nights last night. You know the ones....where you lie awake in bed all f*cking night tossing and turning and your mind just won't shut off cuz your feeling overwhelmed and anxious over things that you have no business feeling overwhelmed and anxious about. They don't come very often but when they do I feel like the only cure is a double dose of Xanax.
I went to bed at 11pm and by 2:30am I was actually contemplating getting up to blog my to-do list to empty my brain before it exploded. I didn't get up....nor did my brain explode. But I woke up at 6:45 this morning with only approximately 2 hours of sleep and then after getting the kids off to school high-tailed it to the gym for an hour of boot camp with a female Gestapo standing over my shoulder. And wasn't THAT fun!
So, here I am....once again, in front of my computer blogging instead of knocking out items on my to-do list. It's a sickness I tell you.
I may be missing in action for a couple weeks. Or maybe it'll only be a couple days....who knows....but I will be missing in action for as long as it takes me to feel less overwhelmed by the chaos that is my life.
So here's me emptying my brain....
* Gotta cancel Sunday night's hotel reservation for January's trip to Chicago as we've decided to ATTEMPT to pull an all nighter by driving home after Hefty's meet session which isn't scheduled to be finished until 10pm Chicago time. Will be a looooong night!
* Gotta call to RSVP for this Saturday's birthday party that Dreamy was invited to.
* Get birthday present for above mentioned birthday boy.
* Gotta call to cancel and reschedule the family photo session that I scheduled for this Saturday because Dreamy really wants to go to above birthday party which is at the same time. She squeezed me in on a Sunday! This woman rocks!
* Get oil changed in car (I'm only 3,000 miles over when oil change was suppose to happen.....I have almost 15,000 miles on my van and have only gotten the oil changed once....this is a problem....or so my husband tells me).
* I told Leslie from Got Kids Need Valium that I would participate in video blog post today and there's just no way in Hell that's going to happen (yes, I actually stress about this shit. It's a sickness I tell you).
* Apologize to Leslie.
* Need to call family about Hefty's birthday party....birthday is next week.
* What will I cook for Hefty's birthday party?
* Screw it....we're going to Buca's for Hefty's party so I don't have to worry about it.
* Call and make reservations for Buca's.
* Mom's birthday is in 2 1/2 weeks. Get present.
* Hubby's birthday is in 3 weeks. Get present.
* Smurfette's birthday is in 4 weeks. Already got present but should figure out when to have the family over to celebrate.
* I think we'll do Buca's again...or maybe I should switch it up a bit and find a different restaurant. Figure it out.
* Figure out what day to go to Wicked and purchase tickets for nieces for Christmas.
* I've called the family we chose to sponsor for Christmas several times in past 2 weeks and left several messages for the mom and have yet to hear back from her. Am feeling like a schmuck for being naive enough to believe that this would be an enjoyable experience. Considering calling Volunteers of America to tell them we're not feeling good about this and bow that I can feel like an even bigger schmuck. The mom called me late yesterday afternoon. Turns out she didn't return the call until now because she was in the hospital again for her asthma. I'm taking her to lunch tomorrow afternoon. Asked her if she wanted to meet or if she'd like me to pick her up and she told me she has no transportation. Single mother with 5 kids and NO transportation....hmmm....maybe THAT'S why mom doesn't work! Feel'n like a schmuck again.....
* Boys have their first gymnastics meet this Sunday and I STILL can't find blue cotton ankle socks for their uniform. May have to buy non cotton but they're slipperier (don't know if that's an actual word but it is in MY dictionary). Will boys fall on their ass if I do? I bought them the non-cotton ones because I'm tired of looking. I hope they don't fall on their ass cuz of it...but...if they do....they'll get over it....
* Need to take Dreamy to another gym to purchase wrist guards as the one's I ordered on line have been on back order for over 3 months. DONE!
* Call and cancel online order for wrist guards.
* Get hair colored Tues. morning. YEAY!
* Reverse raffle fund raiser Tues. night. I should probably let ya'll know we plan on winning that one too. Grand prize is $10,000. We didn't win! Can you believe it? I know...I know....I'm as shocked as you are....
* Ask mom to take kids to gymnastics/dance class while we're at fund raiser.
* Thursday night parent/teacher conferences. My kids are the best!
* Read book for homework from Hefty's class....yes they are even giving parents homework now. I'm talking a full blown novel here folks....I have to actually read it and leave sticky notes with comments for my son for when he reads it. Cuz I have nothing better to do. I finally started the darn thing. It's a story about a family growing up in Denmark during the days of the Nazi invasions. Deep. Edited to add.....I'm finished! Awesome book! Remember the Stars. Read it if you ever get a chance.
* Trying to make a digital heritage scrap book for each of my Grandmothers for Christmas. I have all the old photos of ONE Grandmother scanned and saved and organized into folders on my computer. But the computer scrapbooking is taking much longer than I anticipated and am now stressing about whether or not I'll have enough time to do the same for the other Grandmother. Grandmother #2 will be present when Grandmother #1 gets hers so I can't very well give one to one and not the other. She'd be all "oh, how nice of you to make that for Grandma #1....where's mine....oh I got a pair of slippers nice...." So WTF do I do. It'll take me a month just to go through and organize all her photos let alone scan them all in and organize them into folders. UGH!
* Figure out whether I'm going to do the 10K "Run Like the Dicken's" run or not with friends. And register for it if I decide to do it. It's Dec. 13th which is the day before a gymnastics meet....which has absolutely nothing to do with anything but is one MORE thing to think about. Would really like to run it but would also really like for there to be one less thing on my to-do list.
* MIL and her husband are coming to stay with us for (almost) 2 weeks during Christmas and New Years.
* Call Doc and persuade him to give me a double dose prescription of Xanax.


Anonymous said...

Dude. Make it stop.

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Oh my. Sounds like NOW would be a good time for that Italy/Greece trip. And some wine.

Hang in there. The holidays always do this to me too and this year we're building a house in the middle of it all! And probably moving too. I think I'll ask Santa for a stocking full of Grey Goose and Xanax. Maybe that'll help. :)

Carol said...

Wow you are gonna be busy.

So glad to hear I'm not the only person who has crazy insane nights like that.

Maybe I'll have to look into xanax.

Tracey said...

add to "TO DO LIST"

#124 pray
#125....DRINK more
#127....DRINK A lot

you get the idea....

God Bless!!

Dana said...

sounds like the night i had last night!!! i hate those nights....i could use some xanax too...

auntie said...

holy smokes woman! i think it would be easier (and most definitely worth the money) to hire a personal assistant for the next couple months!

however, in lieu of the PA...prioritize, delegate, and eliminate - as in, just get rid of some stuff on the list.

good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest Lunesta right up until I read the inlaw part. Xanax is the way to go.

Leslie said...

Oh no!!! I'm sorry you are so bogged down. I don't want to add to your stress. You can easily cross me off the list, and don't even feel bad about it. It's fun, not stress, silly. Come back when you are less bogged down. And seriuosly, teachers are giving parents homework? I'd be giving it back. You have enough to worry with. Take a break. Breathe. And yes, I second that personal assistant thing. Changing the oil in the car? Totally dh's job. I don't do oil. Oh my. That list was so overwhelming to read. What's your husband doing? Can he help with buying presents? Anything? Just a thought. I hope you get to relax soon. And don't even feel bad about me. I'm all good. At least you visit my blog. That makes me smile. :)

jodieboedie said...

Busy busy woman! I started making my list . . . when it gets over 3 "things" I need it on paper. But then it looks soooooo long . . . and there's never enough time. Ho Hum.

Grandma #2's book . . . don't scan the photos . . . take pictures of the pictures . . . they'll look just as good and it's much easier and faster than scanning :-)

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

I swear - the solution to that late night anxiety? Doing a big brain dump just like this!

Hope you're gettin' things in order! Judging by the # of items you've already x'd off, you're WAY ahead of where I am on my list!

Brooke said...

Hang in there girlfriend!

OHmommy said...

Whoa, what a list.

Hang in there!

Happy2bme said...

Wow I don't think I've ever had a list that long and let me tell you I've had some long lists.

Hey at least you have items marked off so you are making progress slowly but surely.

Hang in there.

Kelly said...

You didn't WIN...that is just wrong!!

Breanne said...

Wow - you have lots going on.

April said...

ugh - that sounds like my October! Sometimes I just wish we didn't need sleep. But I love it so...