Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chocolate Milk is the Weapon of Choice

I just received a phone call from my 7th grader from the school office:

Hefty: "Hi mom"
me: "Hello"
Hefty: "I was sent to the office"
me: "why"
Hefty: "Because I spilled my chocolate milk at lunch"
me: "You were sent to the office for 'spilling' your chocolate milk?"
Hefty: "Yes and it got on a kid's shirt"
me: "spilling is accidental....are you sure 'dumping' isn't the term you're looking for?"
Hefty: "Well....I didn't 'dump' it....I kinda 'tipped' it"
me: "you 'tipped' your chocolate milk on another kid?"
Hefty: "yes"
me: "WHY?" *frustration rising due to his purposeful vagueness*
Hefty: "Well...I was sitting in that seat and I got up to throw something away and when I got back he was sitting in my seat and he wouldn't move so I 'poured' my milk on him"

That conversation was followed by a conversation with the principle which is when I was told that he was given lunch clean-up duty for his crime.

I believe I've just officially received an early initiation into the "mother of a teenager" club. His birthday is tomorrow. Assuming he lives that long....

On the one hand I'm laughing because dude....I will never have to worry about this child being picked on. He can hold his own. But patting him on his back for sticking up for himself is probably not the politically correct parental thing to do. So how exactly does one punish this type of infraction?

And I'm just realizing that I forgot to ask who he did this to. I'm praying it wasn't one of my friends' children.

Another parent of the year award down the drain....


April said...

I think his consequences at school are enough. While I appreciate phone calls when things are going on at school, I'm of the mind that if they're being punished at school for an offense at school, then all that's left to do at home is talk.

Stephanie said...

I applaud the creativity, though I suppose he probably doesn't need to know that. It sounds to me like cleaning up after lunch (oh the horror) is probably punishment enough. Especially if you make him take pictures of himself doing it with his new cell phone.

Tara R. said...

You kinda have to admire his moxie. Dude, you don't snag another dude's seat, the rule of 'dibs' holds true here.

Mama Smurf said...

See? This is why I love blogging. Such wonderful advice from follow mom bloggers. You're right. No punishment necessary. Still laughing about this.

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Yep, I agree. It was a fairly harmless method of sticking up for himself and the punishment at school is probably enough. Although a "talk" probably would just reinforce things. Were there no teachers/monitors around that could have helped?? Sorry, I only have a 2nd grader...

Stephanie said...

Where ARE you? *Sniffle*